The road to a healthy lifestyle

Dear all,

Just want to share with you what I’ve been doing lately with my healthy regime, in which for the first time in my life I’ve been taking seriously. Maybe, because for the first time I experienced what healthy living/exercising can do to my life! And it can do miracles, trust me on this one! – says the person who relied too much on her Asian genes/fast metabolism and who never had enough energy for anything…

You must have heard of the 80/20 rule, right? – 80% nutrition and 20% exercising. Well, I just came to learn more in depth about it a few months ago. So here’s the basic concept – without a healthy eating regime, there’s no use in spending hours and hours in a gym, it just won’t be effective that way!

Why does this 80/20 rule make sense? Simply because you need good energy to be used in your daily life and for when you work out. This can only be sourced by good healthy food with plenty of nutritional content to help you feel revitalised not only for when you’re exercising but in your daily life too. This is the ideal lifestyle one should lead.

Like I’ve been told by my boyfriend, Mikey who has been such an angel in helping me with my training, you have to keep a balance of everything and not under or overwork your body. He says something like – “Your work-out plan should follow your diet plan and not the other way round”.

People (a.k.a me before) believe that there’s no harm in eating everything and anything they want just as long as they’ll compensate it with extra time at the gym. Well, that’s just a lie! I’ve come to realise that when eating food full of grease and fat which are harmful to our body, that fat will “glue” themselves to our system and will affect our energy levels by making our body feel heavy and inactive, hence why I was feeling so lazy before and with no motivation/energy to lead a more active life.

True, there’s no harm in treating yourself once in a while –  again remember there has to be a balance of everything. But never overdo it!

And that’s what my weekly meal and training plan consist of. It has been put together by Mike and myself, taking into account my petite body frame, my needs and how much exercising my body can take each day. As I get used to the rhythm of my work-out, Mike will gradually increase my work out exercises/levels so that I can progress that way.

Regarding my diet, I now eat plenty of chicken, fish (at least twice a week), pasta, bread, rice, eggs, fruits, vegetables and spinach, spinach, spinach! My regime is slightly different as I’m not trying to lose weight, but to gain it! While doing that, of course I do also want to look good and toned, hence having this strict training plan to follow too. 

There’s also this juice I have been drinking every single day and it has changed my life. You may not notice the difference right away however give it some time and I can assure you that you’ll feel different about yourself! It is close to being a fluid of life, sincere! ;)

So, for those interested, I’ll leave you with my daily juice recipe. It’s nothing out of this world, and obviously you can add or take any of the ingredients, adapting it to your own personal taste:

2 Pears;

2 Green Smith Apples;

1/2 Pineapple;

1/2 Avocado;

Few cubes of cucumber;

A handful of Spinach leaves;

Few hazelnuts (I sometimes use sunflower seeds instead)

Tiny slices of ginger;

Half cup of natural squeezed orange juice (I squeezed it separately but you may wish to just add oranges to save time).

Note that the juice is best consumed within 15 mins of being “juiced”, so if you leave it for too long it may not serve its purpose well. Due to being exposed too long in the air, it begins to lose its nutritional content.

What I usually do is, I use the amount of ingredients listed above and it gives me 3/4 cups which I then share with my house mates and a friend who comes by every morning. One of them, actually adds celery afterwards – her personal preference. :) You may also consider add/change to ingredients such as: carrots, lime, mango or banana.

Mind you, that I’m not a big fan of avocado, well to be completely honest with you, I really dislike the taste of it! But I’m aware of the benefits that comes with consuming this not so attractive fruit so I just put my personal taste bud aside and go for it.

Also make sure you drink your juice on a empty stomach. I cannot recall why we should do it but I read it somewhere online (don’t worry, it’s from a reliable website source). I should maybe research the reason behind it.

My training plan is pretty simple – I go jogging and go to the gym thrice a week; do 1h yoga every day to relax my body and help it cope with the weekly exercising rhythm as well as to maintain a balance between my mind and body (very important!). As an extra, I also do 1h zumba twice a week only because I enjoy it and it helps tone my body! :)

When at the gym, I always have Mike with me (I played it safe and registered at the same gym as him hehe). Although he practices a lot of sports and is strict with his own training regime, he never overworks his body and only goes to the gym 3/4 times a week. Not to mention his eating habits – beyond healthy!

While there, I mainly do weights training, skipping rope, sit-ups and squats. I never spend more than 1h at the gym as it is not advisable.

So resuming and concluding – looking from an angle, it doesn’t seem that hard but it’s actually hard work. At first, it was hard to get used to and had my body aching for days, but now I can tell everything has been paying off and I’m actually glad I’ve implemented it as part of my lifestyle! :)

Here are some of my meal snaps from this week:

Monday meal
Delicious chicken cooked by our own house chef, Thalia Medina. She’s amazing! :)

Friday in Swindon

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get ready for a fun evening in Brizzle town with my beautiful friends. :) See you in my next post!

“Happiness will follow…”


Jogging time with my best buddy

SundayLance 23/03/2014

Good morning all! :)

Lance and I want to wish you a happy Sunday! :D

Off we go for our usual morning jog. :) He knows his routine already so he’s been acting as our four-paw-alarm and I only have to thank him since that way we can never make up an excuse to not follow my training plan. Such a good motivator he is!


Saving the best for the last: fishing in Rosendal


Fishing Rosendal










Isn’t Norway just beautiful? I along with friends and my beau spent a week there for a mini-holiday at a friend’s grandma’s house back in February. It was absolutely beautiful! ♥

These photos won’t do any justice to the beauty of the place. But despite not having my pro camera with me, I did my best to capture the best moments out of the trip (some photos were “stolen” from friends).

I always knew Scandinavian countries were quite something but never thought I’d spend my entire trip going ohhhh-ahhh all the time to everything I saw! Minus the cold, the trip couldn’t have gone better and this is a promise I’ll make to myself now – I will come back, only this time I’ll probably go to Sweden/Denmark instead! :)

This is the last part of our trip: when we went up to Rosendal to experience fishing Norwegian style. Such an experience that was! I really want to do it again, maybe it would have been more enjoyable if it wasn’t that cold. Nonetheless, we had such a great time and everything was so new to many of us.

The local people are all very nice too! We felt so welcomed in their land and you can tell how proud they are of their country and culture. They were also amazing guide tours to us! :)

So this is my Sunday post, a reminisce of last month’s trip to beautiful Norway! There will be more from where these came from!

See you in my next post my lovelies!

“Happiness will follow…”


Friday night!!! …at home.


Dear all,

It’s Friday once again and I will be spending it with a relaxed night-in with my new friend Lance (Sir Lancelot his name).

Not by our choice, of course. I would have wanted to join my friends/house mates and party the night away but truth is, I’m getting too old to go out on a Friday. Reason being that, after a long tiring day at work, I barely have any energy left to go out and go cray-cray on the dance floor. I mean, what’s the whole point of going out if I’m gonna yawn all night? Exactly! So I much rather stay in tonight and rest. Weekend has only started anyway! ;)

Besides, I didn’t want to leave Lance by himself tonight as he’s just getting used to this new house and being surrounded by us, (we’re taking care of him now as he was my friend’s dog but unfortunately she cannot take care of him any more due to unforeseen circumstances). Long story short – he is now part of our family! ♥

Do not fear though, I have not become a complete anti-social granny (yet)! I still go out, however it has to be either on a Saturday or on a night when I know I won’t have work the next day or when is not after a tiring day at work/gym.

After a long day at work, I still managed to find a tiny bit of energy somewhere within me to spend 45 mins at the gym. I’m on a light regime which is being closely and safely monitored by my beau who acts as my personal trainer now. He’s very strict but very awesome! :) All this to get my own purrrrrrfect summer body! :D

Meet our new best friend/family member:

My walking companion

I’m not one to take many selfies due to my own insecurities about the way I look (I’m a female, you do the maths). But I’ve learned to deal with them as well as my imperfections.

An example of that would be my bushy eyebrows – I used to hate ‘em with passion when I was younger, but then I realised it actually matches well with my face complexion. So I came to learn to love them! Funny enough, bushy/thick eyebrows have become a trend now. All I do is to give ‘em a lil shape every now and then and that’s it! :)

Another thing to add to just one of my many insecurities, are my eyes. If you look closely enough, you’d see that one eye is bigger than the other and that used to haunt me a lot! Mind you that it’s more noticeable when I smile and half-close them. Now, I just don’t care and move on with it, haha!

So, herewith my own vain-loner-moment:


Tomorrow, I’ll be in Swindon to babysit my two nephews for the weekend as my brother and sister-in-law will be heading off to a romantic weekend away for two. :)

That’s it for now. I shall return to my moviethon, with my wonderful pets and beau!

Have a lovely weekend!

“Happiness will follow…”