Engineered Engineer

Dear all,

Just want to take this opportunity to honour a very special someone who was, has been and will still be very important in my life – Kevin O P.

He is officially an Engineer now! :))) My heart is truly filled with joy and pride for this kind-hearted person who has everything to succeed in life!

I could go on and on and fill this post with compliments after compliments but there’s no need for that as everyone who knows him, knows it well the kind of person he is. He’s just full of charisma and goodness and I am blessed to know and have this Kevin in my life!


You know when someone is so selfless that when they really care about you, even being far away, busy and/or tired, they will still make time to make sure they’re still part of your life? Take interest in your affairs and goals/ambitions in life, be there as a caring friend and comfort you with talks that you can only have with your best friend? He’s that kind of person!

Kevin is one of the busiest person I know: he works, was finishing his massive thesis for his Engineering title which very much took his entire life during the last 6 months, plays football, surfs and also has his own social life back in Gran Canaria. But he still makes time to spend a few hours to Skype me. Such a beautiful soul this guy is!

And not because he feels obliged to, but because he cares! And surely, you would know when someone truly cares about you, am I right? We are much closer as friends now than we ever were before! All the success he is experiencing and will experience from now on it’s all thanks to his great character and hard work.

Some people you just know were born to achieve grand things, to change the world somehow, and Kevin is one of them! He just never gives up and he never lets anyone give up on achieving their goals. Ambitious – yes he is but never greedy because given his grounded upbringing, he stays true to himself.


Oh dear, I did fill this post with compliments… But that only goes to show the type of person he is!

Creo que ya sabes lo cuanto eres importante para mi y deseo que seas felíz y que tengas mucho pero mucho éxito, estés donde estés! Siempre te voy a tener un gran cariño y estoy segura que nuestra fuerte amistad perdurará por muchísimos y largos años, pase lo que pase. Que este triunfo sea sólo uno de muchos más por venir. Hasta pronto chico! Que todo te vaya muy bien! :*

“Happiness will follow…”


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