About me

Hi all,

I’m Mia, a 23 year-old who has left her home town Portugal and everything she knew to settle in the UK for the past decade.

After years of living in the UK now, and having completed most of my studies here, I’ve spread my roots within the South West region and am now fully adapted and settled in the British culture and lifestyle.

I have been in the Blog world since the age of 15 years old (on and off). Since then, I have gone through changes and experiences which have shaped who I am today. The aim of this blog is to share a bit of personal experiences as well as many of my aspirations and passions so that people may or may not identify themselves with me.

My blog is the mean I get to share my most inner thoughts and passions with you. You are more than welcome to join me in this exciting and challenging roller coaster ride of my life.

“Happiness will follow…”


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