Artist of the day: Mike Deere

Dear all,

Here’s something a friend of mine shared with me yesterday.

I literately spent a good 25 minutes admiring each photo of this explorer/photographer, named Mike Deere on his project Sense of Place; and a good hour and something minutes on his entire blog.

Very few photographers manage to capture the simplicity of places and/or things and turn ‘em into something big. Mr Deere here shows exactly that – his photos are humble, artistic and has an unique touch to them!

Places like these although hidden and unusual may be overlooked (or avoided!) and at times even taken for granted. I’d even say that these are the places I would only imagined as being created by the Hollywood film studios. You know, those sort of places you can find in action/horror/sci-fi movies you watch on the screen because they are simply unreal! Moreover, these places in their own greatness reminds us again of how “small” we become when facing them.

Hard to put them in words and you must be thinking and quite right, that I’m struggling to express myself here. Oh well, I guess this is not really important as what matters is how we each feel when seeing these photos!

So herewith some taster of what he does and does very well. If these photos can too mesmerize you, then I can say that I’ve already won the day!

 DerelictionMore from source here

AdventurersMore from source here

Sense of Place3
More from source here

Doesn’t it just lure you to find and be in these places? For being so secluded, almost so out of reach? It certainly has this effect on me. :)

“Happiness will follow…”